PTA Hunting Permits and Fees

PTA Hunting Permits are valid from July 1st through June 30th each year.

To purchase an archery permit, you need a current Safety Brief and Background Check validation. 

To purchase a game bird or combo permit, you need a current Safety Brief, Background Check and Firearms validation.

To register your firearm, fill out the below form(s) and return along with a copy of your Hawaii Firearm Registration: 

Forms can be mailed to:

Pohakuloa Training Area 
Attn: Conservation Law Enforcement Officer 
PO Box 4607
Hilo, HI 96720

Forms can also be faxed to (808) 969-2432

Firearms Fax Cover Sheet

Firearms Registration Form

If you do not see permits for purchase

If you do not see permits available for purchase, it is because you are probably missing a validation. The two main validations required for permits are the Safety Brief and the Background Check Approval. To check which validations you have, logon to iSportsman and go to MY ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT DETAILS -> VALIDATIONS.

 Under "Validations" you will search for your active validations by selecting the "True" in the drop-down menu "Show Active".


Permit entitlements and associated fees are as follows:

PTA Combo Hunting Permit (Mammal and Bird)

Allows hunters age 16-64 access to hunt on all open PTA lands for all Game Mammal, Game Bird and Spring Turkey hunts. $50 

PTA Game Mammal Hunting Permit

Allows hunters age 16-64 access to hunt on all open PTA lands for Game Mammals ONLY. $30

PTA Game Bird Hunting Permit

Allows hunters age 16-64 access to hunt on all open PTA lands for Game Birds ONLY during the Fall Upland Game Bird Season and the Spring Bearded Turkey Seasons.  $30 

            (1) Your State of Hawaii hunting license must include a Game Bird Stamp.

            (2) The State of Hawaii requires its own special tags for the Spring Bearded Turkey Season.


PTA Lottery Permit

Allows hunters access to the current reservation lottery.  This permit only allows access into the lottery and does not allow any type of hunting. Free

PTA Youth and Senior Hunting Permits

Youth hunters age 10-15, and Senior hunters, age 65 and over, may access all open areas of PTA for Game Mammal, Game Bird, and Spring Turkey hunts.  Youth/Senior Hunting Permits are free.

PTA Hunter Assistant Permit

Allows a non-hunting individual to accompany permitted hunters to assist in the retrieval and processing of game.  Non-hunters may not actively participate in any hunting activity, and may not, at any time, possess a loaded hunting weapon or ammunition.  This permit is intended for those who will assist a hunter, or for adults who will accompany youth hunters on desginated youth hunts.  Contact the CLEO for assistance in receiving this permit.  Free

PTA Guest Observer Permit

Allows non-hunters that do not possess a hunting license and will not assist or engage in any hunting activity to accompany a hunter. This permit is appropriate for small children or others that will strictly observe and not participate in the hunt in any way. Contact the CLEO for assistance in receiving this permit.  Free

Special Permits

Special permits may be made available to address management needs as they arise.