Just Announced: 


26-27 August: Humu'ula (TA 1-4) and Menehune (TA 5-6)

The daily bag limit for this hunt will be one sheep, one goat, and one pig, per hunter.

Access for the Humu'ula Unit will be from parking areas H01-09.  Note:  parking areas H10 and H11, located on the Mauna Kea side of DKI Hwy, will no longer be in service.  The walled compound and airstrip in TA 3 is OFF LIMITS at all times.  DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA.  

Access for the Menehune Unit will be from parking areas H03-07 ONLY.  Please be aware of any troops stationed at two (2) ammunition storage areas along Menehune Road, and remain a minimum of 100 meters from either of these locations.


Hunting hours will be from 0600 to 1800.  Check in will be available via iSportsman beginning at 0545.  

We recommend you make a reservation for this, and any hunt you plan to attend at PTA.  Reservations will begin for this hunt at 6:00pm the night before each hunting day. Follow the instructions in the PTA Hunting Policy (Note: reservation times may change throughout the year).


For general questions about the PTA Game Management Program, or the iSportsman service, please call the Game Manager at (808) 315-1545, Monday-Friday between 7 am and 2 pm.

To report suspicious activity, or for assistance on hunting days, please call the PTA Game Warden (808) 864-3897.