Announced (18 OCT 2017)

All announced hunts should be considered tentative, and are subject to change at any time.

Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 OCTOBER: Keamuku Unit

The daily bag limit for this hunt will be one sheep, one goat, and one pig, per hunter.  Please keep in mind your 2017/18 permits now have five (5) game mammal allotments. Please call the PTA Game Warden if a polled/non-typical sheep is taken. Keamuku hunting unit has an occupancy maximum of 50 hunters at a time (check in).

Access for this hunt will be from the 11 parking areas we've used in the past, plus one new parking area, located just to the Hilo side of the Kilohana Girl Scout Camp.  Take the mowed lane from Old Saddle Road to the gate with the old mailbox, and park just inside the gate near the posted sign.

Hunting hours will be from 0600 to 1800.  Check in will be available via iSportsman beginning at 0545.  

We recommend you make a reservation for this, and any hunt you plan to attend at PTA.  Reservations will begin for this hunt at 6:00pm the night before each hunting day. Follow the instructions in the PTA Hunting Policy (Note: reservation times may change throughout the year).

For general questions about the PTA Game Management Section, or the iSportsman service, please call the Game Management Section Leader at (808) 315-1545, Monday-Friday between 7 am and 2 pm.

To report suspicious activity, or for assistance on hunting days, please call the PTA Game Warden (808) 864-3897. 

Thank you

PTA Natural Resource Office