March 2018 (Saturday– Sunday)

All announced hunts are tentative and are subject to change. Please check iSportsman for updates. 
March 17-18 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Turkey 2 Unit is tentatively scheduled for BEARDED TURKEY HUNTING March 17 and 18 (Saturday and Sunday). No more than 10 hunters can be checked in the Turkey 2 Unit.
    • Turkey Bag Limits and Tags: The daily bag limit will be 3 bearded turkeys per hunter, with a season bag limit of 3. All hunters are required to have a current turkey tag in their possession while hunting. Tags are currently $5/tag for residents and $20/tag for non-residents. Turkey tags are nontransferable and must be fastened with snaps and secured tightly around the neck or tarsus of any bird taken immediately after the kill. Tags may be obtained from any Hawaii Island Division of Forestry and Wildlife Office and a number of commercial vendors. Hunters must present current State of Hawaii hunting license with current game bird stamp when obtaining tags. For additional bearded turkey season information refer to the State of Hawaii Title 13, Chapter 122, "Rules Regulating Game Hunting". 
March 24-25 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • KMA Units (LZ Turkey, Waiki'i North and South, LZ Bluehen, LZ Dove, and LZ Kiwi) are tentatively scheduled for ARCHERY GAME MAMMAL HUNTING March 24 and 25 (Saturday and Sunday). No more than 50 hunters can be checked in at all of the KMA units. Please check iSportsman for potential changes to available KMA Units.
    • Mammal Bag Limits: The daily bag limit for this hunt will be 1 sheep, 1 goat, 1 pig, per hunter. Please keep in mind your 2017/2018 permits now have 5 game mammal allotments. 
  • The PTA iSportsman interactive map shows open and closed hunting areas and parking areas. Refer to map to reserve or check-in at a specific hunting area. Do not enter closed areas.

  • Hunting hours are 6:00 am to 6:00 p.m. The iSportsman check-in begins at 5:45 a.m.       

  • Web and mobile check-in ONLY. There is no telephone check-in available this weekend.

  • Hunting area reservations can be made via iSportsman starting at 6:00 p.m. the night before hunting.

  • Access to hunting areas is only from the open, designated parking areas. Do not drive over or park on any uncut grass at the parking areas due to the risk of starting a fire with the vehicle’s catalytic converter.

  • Be prepared and be safe – ensure you have adequate water, food, personal protective equipment (including sun protection) and a way to report emergencies (e.g., cellular phone). 

  • Report all emergencies, accidents, lost persons or suspicious activity to the PTA Police: (808) 969-2429, or the PTA Fire Department: (808) 969-2447.

  • Call (808) 315-1545 for general questions about the PTA game management or the iSportsman service, Monday-Friday between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Thank you

PTA Natural Resource Office

Updated March 14, 2018